Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading supplier of excavation and structural support solutions.

Our Vision

MGF has come a long way since it’s foundation in 1981 and we believe we are now a very good business. However, through our reiterative pursuit of betterment, we are never satisfied with our own standards, we want to be better, we want to be great.

Our vision focuses on “making great futures”:

MGF for our customers
MGF for our people
MGF for our company
MGF for out stakeholders

Our Values

Our core values are engrained within our culture and give MGF its unique identity. They have made us successful in the past and we believe they will continue to make us successful in the future. They are:

Commitment – to deliver exceptional customer service and support

Innovation – in products, processes, service and support

Sustainability – by adopting a responsible approach to business


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