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Creating Safe Work Environments For a Sustainable Future.

As we all become more aware of the impact we are making to the environment, we are working continually to embed sustainability into the culture of our business.

At MGF, we understand the impact our business has on the environment, whether it be the consumption of natural resources in the manufacturing of products or the emissions of greenhouse gases from our industrial and transport activities. We are committed to reducing this impact and continuing our journey to be more sustainable.

To embed sustainability across the business, we are focusing on key components. This includes the education of all employees on sustainability topics, setting ourselves targets which are measured and monitored, as well as publishing our Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon. We also believe that it is important to transparent by communicating our progress to our employees and stakeholders.

We strive to be a responsible customer and supplier. We understand that we need to be committed to sustainability so that improvements can be made to our society and the environment for future generations.

Roadmap to Net Zero

Our Road Map to Net Zero strengthens our relationship with our customers, enhances our responsible approach to business and contributes to combatting the global challenge we are all faced with by climate change.

ESG Report

Our ESG Report is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission provides a constant guide as we continue to grow and develop, with its core founded on MGF as a responsible company framing our relationships with customers, our people, communities and the environment.


With the construction industry being recognised as one of the most dangerous industries to work in within the UK, at MGF we are committed to improving both excavation and structural safety and creating safe working environments for our customers and in the communities in which we operate.

Overview of our plan

Since publishing, we have been working towards the targets set out in our Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon. This roadmap has given us a focus for what we want to achieve between the years 2022-2025. Within this, we are:

  • ISO 50001 certified
  • Working to move all our fleet to Euro 6 compliant engines
  • Improving the infrastructure at our sites, such as EV charging and LED lighting
  • Embedding sustainability within our culture through training and awareness
  • Increasing the number of hybrid and electric vehicles in our company car fleet

Our UN Sustainability Goals Alignment (SDGs)

At MGF we believe that our chosen SDGs have the most influence across the company to promote a culture of social and environmental responsibility. These SDGs have been the driving force in producing positive change across the business. Our aim for each SDG:

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Ensure that positive health and well-being of all within the organisation is planned for


Allowing all employees to feel secure that gender will not be a barrier at MGF


Ensuring that there is affordable and clean energy being used in all aspects of the business


Promoting both work and economic growth for all employees of the business


Ensure MGF are leading experts in industry innovation and infrastructure


Be aware and make actionable movement towards responsible consumption and production


Take action against climate change both in our understanding and its impacts on employee’s lives

Sustainability Focused Accreditations

IOS 500001 1
Sustainability School

A Message From Our Managing Director:

Simon Littlewood

“Sustainability is at the forefront of all that we do and is vital to our existence and core values. We have set challenging but achievable sustainability targets, both internally and with our supply chain partners. We have a clear plan in place to monitor and achieve these which will benefit MGF, our supply chain family, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

As a responsible business, that works to provide shoring, structural, lifting and safety solutions, we realised that we must evolve to operate with a focus towards sustainability and the environment and put them on an equal footing to our health and safety standards. To do so, we need to have a clear plan to proactively reduce our emissions.

MGF will set up and play our part by monitoring government and customer expectations, moving our business forward in a sustainable way, promoting best practices, and providing excellent training to ensure that we are participating in a better future for all.

I believe that, whilst our primary objectives are to meet the requirements of our customers and to remain financially secure, we must ensure that our operational activities are undertaken in a manner that enhances our people, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Being a sustainable business is a key part of our everyday life and is a main pillar within our Mission and Values.

We have now begun our journey, with some key achievements over the last 12 months including, cascading our Road Map to Net Zero Carbon, employing an Environmental & Sustainability Advisor, and gaining accreditation in ISO 50001 Energy Management.

Managing Director, Simon Littlewood.

Case Studies

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DJI 0178

Propping the Roof of a B&M in Blackburn!

Propping the rebuild of a B&M in Blackburn, with the design and installation of a light, flexible support solution minimising risk and scheme adaptation between phases.
Blackburn Phase 2 Towers 3

MGF supports water pipework infrastructure beneath HS2 line

Using an integrated structural solution to overcome complex challenge underneath HS2.

MGF build on existing relationship with Aarsleff Ground Engineering!

MGF and Aarsleff team up to complete job in Forest Town, Mansfield