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Depot Capabilities

Our service delivery ethos is focused solely on customer first. Providing national coverage, our 14 locations are strategically located to ensure we reach customers quickly and efficiently through the provision of shoring and structural support solutions. Key features of our Hire Centres are extensive fleet stock, modern handling equipment and dedicated transport ensuring operational efficiency.

Hire Desk

Our experienced hire desk staff are the focal point for provision of service to customers, offering quick and accurate responses to customer enquiries and co-ordinating all orders and off-hires with the relevant depot teams.

Trench Sheets in rolling machine
Forklift in MGF depot yard
Worker inspecting lifting chains


Our depots are equipped with modern handling equipment and specialist facilities for the inspection, maintenance and testing of our products, ensuring our vital quality procedures are strictly adhered to. All of our equipment is maintained to a specified, high standard when it is returned from site prior to it’s next use. Thorough cleaning takes place before inspections are undertaken to determine the equipment condition with regards to safety, reliability and general quality, and where appropriate, equipment is also tested or calibrated. As a result of inspection, some products require maintenance or repair which is always carried out in line with the specification of the original manufactured state, including a fresh coat of paint when needed.