Standard Solutions

Introducing MGF MiDesign® – Standard Solutions

Our highly commended MiDesign® – Standard Solutions service offers pre-engineered design solutions for low risk designs covering trench boxes, sheets and walers, manhole brace systems and our lightweight GRiPSHORE® range to specified depths.

Our industry leading automated Standard Solutions process provides our customers with safe and practical solutions at the click of a button, whilst ensuring a strict quality process is followed, providing Contractors with the comfort that Health and Safety best practice is incorporated and maintained across their organisation.

Our two routes offer flexibility to our customers, giving them a choice between the following:

Route 1

Design briefs reviewed by our engineering team who can issue a Temporary Work’s solution within a fraction of the time it takes to produce a traditional design, removing lead times on designs from up to 3 days to same day.

(Since August 2018 we have issued up to 1200 design solutions through route 1)

Route 2

Allowing customers to control a suite of solutions through their own Temporary Work’s process, removing lead times all together.

(Since August 2018 we have issued 44 different packages for customers wanting to control solutions within their own organisation)

At the time of launch, MGF experienced an exponential growth in design requests and client demands for faster turnaround times. As a result, the MGF Design team embarked on a research project to find ways to further support our customers and continue to deliver a high quality service; whilst fully complying with the latest safety legislation and design standards.

Research found that 60% of the designs produced showed similarities so there was scope to create pre-engineered solutions which can be used on projects with repetitive groundwork operations such as the housing and utilities markets.

In 2018, the Engineering department developed a suite of Standard Solutions for use in a variety of situations, all fully compliant with the processes given in BS5975 for relatively low risk shallow excavations. These solutions have helped reduce the design response time and given contractors control over their project schedule.

North Midland Construction Plc (NM Group) were the first to use Standard Solutions. Offering their clients multi-sector engineering and construction skills with design and technical innovation, they deliver major built environment and critical national infrastructure projects across the UK – from buildings and highways, to large-scale water networks and treatment plants.

“To drive improved efficiency within our organisation, we have recently rolled out MGF’s Standard Solutions which allows us to directly place orders with their Hire Desk, rather than go through the full design process that is unnecessary for repeat excavations.”

Tony Allen, Quality Manager, NM Groups

To cover concerns for the safety standards, Standard Solutions will always take into consideration the customer’s brief, provide a checklist and procedure for Temporary Works Coordinator/Supervisor and will include considerations for the following:

  • Various depths / changes to geometry
  • Varying ground conditions
  • Potential influences
  • Equipment availability
  • A Safe System of Work

Standard Solutions examples and brochure:

  • Trench box at 2.00m Depth
  • Manhole box at 2.50m Depth
  • Standard Solutions Brochure

Standard Solutions is just the first of many applications to be launched from MGF’s MiDesign digital solutions package and you can expect to see more developments in the future.

MiDesign is the suite of bespoke MGF digital design packages including:

  • BIM Library
  • eDRF (Electronic Design Request Forms)
  • DMS (Design Management Software)
  • Standard Solutions

“MiDesign – Standard Solutions represents a paradigm shift within the field of temporary works. Site teams can now, in the majority of cases, quickly self-select temporary works designs safe in the knowledge that they comply with their own companies’ temporary works procedures and current best practice.”

Steve Hesketh, Director, MGF

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