78m Long Open Excavation

  • Project Installation of a district heating main in Temple Meads
  • Principal Contractor CP Groundworks
  • Key Benefit Varied bracing system installed to coincide with planned service crossings
Image of the inside of a long open excavation


To supply low-carbon heat to buildings across Bristol, CP Groundworks were tasked with installing a district heating main directly through Temple Meads.

MGF’s involvement on the district heating main came through CP Groundworks who introduced MGF to Eurovia.

Edgesafe installed on site
Inside an excavation
High angled image of safety equipment in an excavation

The Solution

Contact for the Eurovia contract was initiated by an MGF Technical Sales Representative, who delivered two presentations on MGF’s capabilities, products and services. MGF’s Regional Engineer, Richard Lawrenson, joined for a third presentation on our engineering capability to employees of both contractor and client.

A completely open, 78m long excavation was required for installers to connect and weld the DHM pre-made pipe, with plotted bell hole positions to allow access to join sections together.

In order to avoid historical features, the excavation had to follow a critical path – bypassing the port wall, Temple Meads train station and many live service lines.

MGF’s design utilised a varied bracing system to coincide with planned service crossings during the excavation. We provided Manhole, 152UC and 203UC Braces to meet the requirements of maximum space and accommodate the install of 12m sections of pipe.

The Verdict

The works involved a network of underground pipes – connected to a number of

energy centres, including biomass boilers and gas combined heat and power (CHP) plants.