Europark Interceptor Tank Installation in Newport

  • Project Europark Interceptor Tank Installation
  • Principal Contractor Blue Dot Construction
  • Project Lead Lisa Bury, Technical Sales
  • Key Benefit MGF provided a value engineered solution with zero design revisions that was the best solution to the large open span requirements and problematic soils on site. 
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Works began on the 3-month project in January 2021 for the installation of 3 separate interceptor tanks into different sized excavations.

This was part of the drainage for a new distribution centre in Newport.  



Early involvement in this project meant that our Engineering team could successfully provide a value engineered solution that suited the customers’ requirements perfectly without the need for any further revisions. With the large open span requirements combined with problematic peats, silts and potential issues with water on site, we provided a solution that consisted of interlocking sheets and Tank Brace frames to specifically help limit movement within the excavation.

After a smooth design process, MGF’s operations teams had the huge task of coordinating and sourcing equipment from various depot locations in order to get it delivered to site on time, with just a 6-day turnaround from the initial enquiry.

A total of 14 loads were successfully delivered: consisting of MGF 406 UC Brace, 305UC Brace and 254UC Brace with 9m larssen sheet piles. Once work was complete, effective communication between MGF and the site team ensured that the equipment was efficiently removed from site, allowing works to progress without any delays.

“I would like to say how well the installation of the tanks was from the design, delivery, installation, and removal from site from the support from the sales team, delivery drivers and fitters. You managed to deliver all materials as requested over a short period of time which was no easy task.

The project was challenging from ground conditions to site conditions, and everything went smoothly.”

Ray Gough, Contracts Manager, Blue Dot Construction