MGF Aid Tank Install at Costco

  • Project MGF aid tank install at Costco
  • Principal Contractor Toureen
  • Project Lead Ray Hind, Technical Sales
  • Key Benefit Demonstration of a large support area using a light tank bracing system
Large excavation for tank installation


As part of the development of the latest Costco site in Stevenage, Toureen Contractors were looking for a clear span excavation frame to install four, 100,000 litre underground fuel tanks.

Due to MGF’s extensive experience in these schemes and Technical Sales, Ray Hind’s relationship with the contractors, MGF were the preferred supplier to complete the works.

Far away image of tank installation
Large excavation for a tank installation
Large tank installation

The Solution

Our design consisted of pre-driven GU16 sheet piles, with a single frame of 254 tank braces, coupled with 200 series knee braces in each corner to allow clear access for the installation of the tanks.

The 18.25m x 15.87m x 4.85m deep excavation support was installed for 7 weeks to allow construction of the concrete base and the tank install. The excavation was then backfilled to allow removal of the frame.

The Verdict

The exemplary demonstration of a large support area using a light tank bracing system

within it’s safe working load allowed MGF to keep costs competitive and demonstrated the versatility of the kit.