MGF assists in the installation of lift shaft pits

  • Project Prescot Station
  • Principal Contractor RCE Civil Engineers Ltd
  • Project Lead Fred Sammut, Northern, Midlands & East Anglia Rail Sales Specialist
  • Key Benefit Innovative design that navigated the close proximity of a platform edge
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When nationwide railway infrastructure and civil engineering service provider RCE Ltd were tasked with installing new lift shaft pits into the Prescot Station platform, they realised they would have to excavate very close to the platform edge.

In order to proceed with the job safely, RCE got in touch with MGF to supply the job with a series of sheets and frames.

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The Solution

When planning the excavation, engineers had to be careful to factor in an existing bridge foundation next to one pit.

Additionally, they had to be aware of disturbing the existing railway which was in close proximity of the second pit.

Using a series of 3-meter long MGF FKD 400/6 (S275 JRC) Trench Sheets and two MGF 200 series Manhole Braces, the client was able to get as close to the platform edge as possible to install the lift shaft pit without any problems.

“The strong relationship and swift response by everyone involved made this project a success”

Fred Sammut, Northern, Midlands & East Anglia Rail Sales Specialist

The Verdict

Due to the innovative designs and great communication across all fronts, RCE installed the lift shaft without a single issue.

MGF continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the client today.