MGF's reactive works prevented the collapse of a rear garden in Sandbach

  • Project Sewer collapse in Sandbach
  • Principal Contractor Sapphire Utilities
  • Project Lead Philip Vernon, Technical Sales
  • Key Benefit MGF provided support to a rear garden of a property at risk of collapse
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As part of a reactive maintenance contract to repair damaged and collapsed sewers across the Northwest and Yorkshire, main contractor Sapphire Utilities approached MGF when a rear garden of a property in Sandbach was at risk of slipping into a collapse.

The initial collapse of a sewer was located at the top of an embankment which causing a 750mm surface water line to run across the boundary of one of the properties on site.  

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The Solution

MGF developed a solution that would safely support an excavation 9m x 4.5m and 4m deep to allow repair works to take place and prevent the rear garden of the property from collapsing. Due to the location of the initial collapse, access was limited to property but with current works taking place on the housing site, Sapphire was able to safely deliver materials and plant through the construction of a haul road.


The safest and lightest option for an excavation of this size was to install MGF 200 Series Manhole Brace frames back-to-back in combination with 4m and 5m KKD 600/6 Trench Sheets and MGF’s 203UC Waler.

It took a total of 4 weeks for Sapphire to fully stabilise the ground surrounding the initial collapse with Trench Sheets installed using a pre driving method with the use of longer sheets to prevent further ground loss before excavating began.  

The Verdict

MGF were efficiently able to provide a safe and suitable, low risk solution to allow the customer to carry out the required repair quickly and easily,

preventing any further collapse and potential damage to this and other properties close to the embankment.