New Fetter Lane Basement

  • Project Major Project: Bespoke Modular Propping System for London Basement
  • Principal Contractor MACE Group
  • Key Benefit Bespoke solution delivered on-time by the MGF team
Above shot of a basement excavation using MGF kit


The 12 -14 New Fetter Lane Project was MGF’s first scheme to be designed using Eurocode 3 (EC3).

The modular propping system was used to support the bulk excavation of the 60m wide and 50m deep basement in central London, the challenge was due to the unusual excavation shape and the design criteria that complicated the build up to then move the props to site.

The Solution

Each of the 10 props used were a mix of sizes, the shortest measuring just 5.5m while the longest was 27m.

The mix of MGF 400 and 600 series hydraulic props were fixed into place over the course of a week, delivered ‘just in time’ getting the right prop in place at exactly the right time to avoid causing a congestion challenge.