Propping the Roof of a B&M in Blackburn!

  • Project B&M Store Blackburn Lancashire
  • Client D Hughes Demolition & Excavation Ltd
  • Project Lead Chris Carter, Structural Support Solutions Director
  • Key Benefit The design and installation of a light, flexible support solution minimising risk and scheme adaptation between phases.
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The store suffered a fire overnight which was contained to the stockroom. The intense heat caused damage to the roof and the main steel portal frame members to buckle in the affected area, this in turn created movement across the portal framed structure.

Propping was required in two stages, firstly adjacent to the fire damage to allow the fire investigation

teams to access the area and for the store to be cleared of stock ready for rebuilding works.

The second stage propping would support the retained portal frame to allow the removal of the damaged sections of steel and the re levelling of the apex ready for the replacement structure to be installed.

Blackburn Damage 1.3
Blackburn Damage 2

The Solution

D Hughes Demolition & Excavation Ltd were appointed by the Project Managers The Ratcliffe Groves Partnership to carry out the dismantling and clearance works including the installation of the required temporary works. Working with D Hughes and engineers Booth King Partnership MGF designed temporary towers to support the 8m high portal frames.

Installation of the stage one towers was carried out in restricted conditions as the stock was still in place in the store meaning the equipment had to be manhandled into the work area and built using a scissor lift by D Hughes in house team. UniShore Light was chosen by the MGF design team braced using the easy to install tension bracing system. Pivot blocks were provided at the top of the towers and bolted to the building’s portal frame.

The floor was known to be ground bearing but little else was known about the construction. IBC containers filled with water were installed in the centre of the tower and connected at low level to provide kentledge to resist horizontal loads.

Once the fire investigation and store clearance were complete the towers were released and moved to the centre of the frame. The MGF design allowed the UniShore towers to be easily reconfigured to include a hydraulic lifting unit to be used to re level the frame at the apex.

MGF engineers designed a steel wire tension bracing system bracing between the remaining portal frame members and the towers to deal with the wind loads from the structure.

“MGF have worked with us and Booth King to provide an adaptable solution that could be built in the confines of the site. The combination of skills and specialities in the three companies’ teams led to the right solution.”

Ryan Hughes, Managing Director of D Hughes Demolition

Blackburn Phase 1 Towers 1
Blackburn Phase 1 Towers 2
Blackburn Phase 1 Towers 3

The Verdict

The successful execution of this phase of the project required the combination of engineering, temporary works and demolition expertise to design and deliver a timely, flexible solution to allow clearance and re building following the fire.

The MGF team and UniShore structural support system worked successfully with our clients’ teams to deliver the solution.

Blackburn Phase 2 Towers 1 1
Blackburn Phase 2 Towers 2 1