Quinn Civil Engineering Housing Project

  • Project MGF support Quinn Civil Engineering
  • Principal Contractor Gleeson Homes
  • Project Lead Antony Birchall, Technical Sales
  • Key Benefit Excellent installation speed using MGF’s new culvert puller
Culvert being installed onsite

“The new culvert puller is the best one we’ve used, it’s lightweight, compact and motorised which enabled us to move up the culvert with ease and there was no need for long heavy chains.”

Barry Doyle, Site Manager, Quinn Civil Engineering


Contractor Quinn Civil Engineering ltd was appointed to undertake the roads and sewers for a new housing development being built in Skelmersdale for client Gleeson homes.

The project required the construction of new roads and sewers, along with the installation of surface and foul water pipe work. MGF was tasked to provide the relevant equipment for the installation of precast culverts for surface water.

MGF’s involvement in the development originated from an existing relationship with the project’s contractor, a connection that was built from the success of past projects. MGF’s ability to provide experienced technical advice and engineering made us the best choice for the job.

MGF van onsite

The Solution

The installation of 180 metres of precast culverts were purposely designed for surface water attenuation, with each culvert being 1.9m wide x 3.2 m high and weighing 10.5 tonnes each.

This was the perfect job for MGF’s new culvert puller system. Its lightweight features made it easy to install and adjust when needed, while also saving time thanks to installation being quicker than previous systems. As this was the first instance in which the new culvert puller system was installed onsite, it provided a new, innovative approach to the installation process.

The New Culvert Puller is easier to handle and install in comparison to MGF’s other culvert pullers, allowing it to fit into a more confined space and increasing manoeuvrability for operation. The quick, efficient set up of the culvert pullers were a big draw for the contractor on the project, as it reduced downtime and was easy to use onsite. As the equipment did not require any operatives to get within the culvert pullers to operate the unit, rather being directed by a remote control, safety for all onsite was improved. Instead, the new system allows two methods for pulling the culverts- either using hooks or pulling chains, giving the contractor more options to suit their project’s needs.

The Verdict

Overall, MGF provided excellent speed of installation within a safe environment along with the successful use of the new culvert puller and box systems.

Ultimately allowing for the continued construction of new roads and sewers.