Rising Main Replacement with GRiPSHORE at Wigton Road, Leeds

  • Project Rising Main Replacement with GRiPSHORE® at Wigton Road
  • Principal Contractor In Depth Civil Engineering and Barhale
  • Key Benefit Project required MGF’s latest lightweight technology
Line of MGF Gripshore installed onsite

“One of the best practices on the scheme is the use of GRiPSHORE® Vertishores supplied by MGF.”

Chris Binks, Barhale


As part of the Yorkshire Water AMP 6 programme, the MGF Yorkshire Depot supported Barhale to safely undertake the replacement of 930m of an existing rising main along Wigton Lane in Leeds, using the innovative safety solution GRiPSHORE®.

GRiPSHORE® is MGF’s new lightweight shoring range which combines GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) materials with Trench Jacking Theory.

MGF Gripshore products installed in a small trench

The Solution

Working with the engineering department at Salford University, MGF’s research and development engineers combined light, flexible GRP materials with Trench Jacking theory to divert the loads from the soil onto the jacks and create a safe working environment quickly.

GRiPSHORE is lightweight enough to transport in a van and very quick to assemble when reactive maintenance is needed for utilities works.

The size and value of the properties along Wigton Lane have earned it the nickname ‘Millionaires Row’ and as the existing main has deteriorated bursts and emergency repairs have caused widespread disruption including road closures and diversions.

The installation of the new main will solve this problem.

The existing main currently pumps waste water from Alwoodley pumping station to the local waste water treatment works along Wigton Lane.

The team are laying the new sewer on the opposite side of the carriageway to the existing sewer – so that the existing sewer can stay in use during the works.

The final part of the scheme will involve shutting down Alwoodley pumping station and diverting flows into the newly laid rising main.

MGF Technical Sales Representative Phil Ash was involved early in the scheme and advised on the use of the innovation GRiPSHORE.

“At any one time approximately 100m of trench needed to be excavated by sub-contractor Indepth CE in preparation for a specialist pipe welding company to visit site to weld the pump main together at ground level then feed into the open trench. The GRiPSHORETM vertishore provided a fast, flexible & safe method of supporting the trench during this cycle of work”.

Phil Ash, Technical Sales, MGF

The Verdict

The project started in July 2016 and is due to completed by the

end of January 2017.

“Vertishore’s provide a lightweight, innovative way of safely supporting excavations within certain types of ground, up to certain depths. Due to the nature of the ground beneath Wigton Lane, the team have been able to utilise this product as a great way of advancing the operation quickly, whilst providing the same levels of safety as the traditional sheet and frame methods.”

Chris Binks, Barhale