Sheet piling tactics prevents the inevitable merging of a river and lake

  • Project Prevention of River Blackbrook erosion
  • Principal Contractor Carbon Neutral Construction
  • Key Benefit The customer was able to receive a permanent work solutions in an operationally difficult location with limited access.
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River Blackbrook, located in St Helens, was in danger of merging with a nearby lake due to erosion of the embankment. The erosion would lead to a ruined eco system and lack of access to the beautifully preserved area.

The lake and river is situated next to Carr Mill Dam and is managed and maintained by the St Helens Angling Association. MGF help support the future preservation of rivers and waterways in this area with the help of MGF’s Operations Director, Ronnie Ranson who is heavily involved with the Association and is currently the Treasury.

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The Solution

This was a large job for the Association, they required a long run of sheets piles alongside the lake and river to prevent further corrosion.

As the area is an environmentally focused place, there were many environmental legislation checks that had to be carried out by the council to ensure the work would have minimal impact on the area.

MGF were able to supply the project with over £15,000 of stocked sheet piles with our transport capabilities

enabling us to deliver and supply the project with enough sheet piles as and when needed.

Before piling began, Carbon Neutral Construction had to gain access to the lake and due to nature of the land this was a difficult feat.

After an entrance had been cleared and the ground was cobbled over with stone Carbon Neutral were then able to begin work on the piling on both the river and lake side of the path.

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The sheet piles were driven into the ground using MGF’s new MS-1 Piling Hammer (EMV) and due to the already soft soil consistency

the EMV’s vibration of the soil meant they were effortlessly installed by the Carbon Neutral Construction.

The Verdict

Operating in an area with restricted access and surrounded by nature brings its own difficulties.

After a successful completion, MGF’s sheet piles remain at the site providing better access and preventing damage to the eco system.

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