Sudden landslide requires urgent supply of shoring equipment

  • Project 40m landslide response for Van Elle
  • Principal Contractor Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Project Lead Andy Hember, Capital Sales
  • Key Benefit MGF’s responsiveness and quick turnaround to an emergency landslide allowed for a contractor to receive shoring equipment the next day.
Van Elle


In January 2021, a landslip occurred beside a railway in Newington, London that required urgent emergency piling works to stabilise the embankment along the railway and allow the contractor to safely remove thousands of tonnes of soil from the affected area.

Due to the nature of where the landslip occurred and the proximity to the rail line, it was vital for contractor Van Elle to respond quickly and begin emergency piling works on behalf of Network Rail and Balfour Beatty Rail.

The Solution

On Saturday morning, with the method of works and design now finalised by Van Elle they were able to confirm the equipment requirements with MGF to prepare and supply the desired piles equipment within the restricted time window.

This is a testament to the communication between MGF’s sales and operational teams for their efficient response in organising the kit to be collected the next day.

MGF’s extensive product range and experience of operating at short notice allowed for a full load of 12m GU21N sheet piles to be supplied on the Sunday to Rainham Station for the emergency works to begin. We then delivered a further load of GU21N sheet piles to the site the following Tuesday after the initial piles had been installed. The sheet piles purchased by the client will remain on site to continue to stabilise the embankment to reduce the risk of future landslips.

The Verdict

Despite being outside of typical working hours, MGF’s quick turnaround, responsiveness and access to a large sheet pile stocks helped to ensure Van Elle could deliver the perfect solution

to get the railway line back in service as soon as possible and offer a permanent solution to reduce the risk of future landslides in the area.