MGF assist with the UK's largest ever bridge move!

  • Project Ravenscraig Bridge Propping
  • Client Story Contracting LTD
  • Principal Contractor Story Contracting LTD
  • Project Lead Bob Allan, Area Sales & Regional Account Manager
  • Key Benefit Our ability to offer both shoring and structural support, for an adaptable solution, made MGF the ideal supplier
Ravenscraig Bridge


In Ravenscraig, Scotland, MGF supplied equipment that assisted in the installation of a 5,000 tonne bridge as part of an investment into the rejuvenation of the Ravenscraig Steelworks site by North Lanarkshire Council.

The job required closing the railway for 9 days over the Easter weekend in 2023. To avoid further closures, the concrete bridge was to be constructed off-line before being moved into position using self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

This concrete structure needed support from inside to stop the walls from collapsing in on itself whilst it was transported into place.

MGF became involved due to a design that offered a combination of excavation and structural support equipment, as well as a good working relationship with the site team that was formed during a previous project.

Ravenscraig Image 1 LHS
Ravenscraig Image 2 LHS
Ravenscraig Image 1 RHS

The Solution

MGF’s major projects division supplied a group of 400 series struts that spanned 13 metres from wall to wall. 6 props to each side, at positions specified by MHB Consultants which also took in account of trestle positions on the SPMT to prevent any clashes.  This would ensure that, while the bridge was moved into position, the abutment walls would not buckle and would remain standing.

However, as these props were unable to be bolted to the walls of the concrete structure, we were able to offer the contractor a cradle made from the lightweight model of MGF UniShore®, that would hold the props in position while the bridge moved.

G2 Ravenscraig Image 1 LHS
G2 Ravenscraig Image 2 LHS
G2 Ravenscraig Image 1 RHS

The Verdict

The Ravenscraig bridge move was completed over the recent Easter weekend, with the assistance of adaptable MGF equipment from both our shoring and structural support ranges with designs from our major projects division.

The bridge will now provide access for a new road and active travel routes for the local area, as well as support the development and regeneration of Ravenscraig.