Unishore®supports high loads at historic warehouse building

  • Project: Bolton Warehouse
  • Principal Contractor: RM Construction (Cambridge) Ltd
  • Project Lead: Mark Gent, Area Sales Manager
  • Key Benefit: Providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for high structural load requirements
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As part of a redevelopment project, MGF were approached in January 2022 by RM Construction to provide above ground support to a historic warehouse building.

Located in the centre of Cambridge, the historic building is due to be converted into a private residence and required major alterations, both internally and externally.

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The Solution

Structural Support was required to ensure an extremely high internal wall with loads of 77kN – 7.7Te/m and a shorter rear wall were sufficiently stabilised to allow the walls to be opened. Both walls, once in their permanent state, would then have portal frames installed with the opening allowing access to a new extension that was being built at the rear of the building.

A combination of MGF’s interconnectible Unishore Light and Medium duty modular propping system was used to ensure the required height was achieved for both the larger and small walls.

The new permanent steels would later be installed at a point, 9m high on the larger internal wall which was supported with our 152 UC needle and grillage beams and 4.8m high on the smaller wall which was supported with our 203 UC’s. Our Unishore bracing bar was also used to support the tall needling process and with the propping systems flexibility to be bolted onto itself on any face ensured the build up of the system to the required height was successful.

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The Verdict

MGF were able to deliver a tailored solution that achieved the large structural height requirements consisting of interconnectable sections, maximising scheme efficiency while minimising cost and installation times.

Works are currently taking place on the second rear wall and all temporary and permanent works are due to be completed by the end of the year.