Vincent Square Basement Propping Project

  • Project Major Project: Development of luxury apartments in Westminster
  • Principal Contractor J Reddington Ltd
  • Key Benefit Bespoke kit was developed, manufactured and supplied by MGF
VIncent Square excavation installation


MGF were asked to design and supply temporary support to the basement of a development of 50 luxury apartments in the heart of Westminster. Support was required against the capping beam of the contiguous piled wall that would later form the basement car park.

Temporary support to the face of the contiguous piles was also required at lower levels to allow construction of the basement slabs and columns. The biggest concerns on the project were supporting, and not causing any damage to, the fragile listed buildings surrounding the site, as well as the earth wall below the adjacent live road.

The Solution

MGF designed a scheme suitable for the complex construction sequence using a mixture of modular 120t hydraulic and mechanical cross struts spanning up to 23m across the capping beam. Where other spans were too great, 54t mechanical struts were utilised as raking struts, and knee braces were used in the corners of the excavation.

Bespoke items were also developed, manufactured, and supplied by MGF including special connection details to allow knee braces to articulate through two planes and non-standard shaped waler beams.

The Verdict

MGF’s products and detailed design provided J Reddington with a made to measure system that was easy to install and remove, whilst providing optimum working space.

The considerable safety buffer built into the scheme design gave the customer additional peace of mind and successfully prevented any damage to or movement of the surrounding structures.