Waterloo Station Renovation

  • Project Waterloo Station renovation
  • Project Lead Mark Norton, Rail Sector Manager
  • Key Benefit MGF’s early engagement allowed for a bespoke innovative design solution
MGF kit in use at Waterloo Station


MGF’s Rail Sector Manager, Mark Norton met with the contractors’ Senior Engineering team to discuss shoring support to facilitate the construction of foundations for a new roof structure at Cab Road, Waterloo Station.

Multiple options were considered by MGFs design team during the early phases of the works to agree the most effective solution with the contractor. This iterative process was an important factor in delivering the works due to the interaction between the existing structures, proposed structures and temporary support positions.

The Solution

Close collaboration, between MGF and the contractor, throughout resulted in the decision to use 22.8m x 4.5m GU13 sheets in varying lengths, 60T hydraulic strut knee brace and four 60T super-strut props. The finalised design solution provided free working space for the construction of new foundations as well as missing existing underground structures including a tube tunnel. The effects on the existing Network Rail assets were considered in the design and a F002/F003 were completed with the submission. Further to the Cab Road extension, MGF also worked on the site in support of the Lift Pits within the existing station building.

The excavation location was confined by existing walls, ground beams, a propped slab roof and overhead cables with limited clearance. To manage the clearance issues, short sheets were provided with MGF frames anchored and hung from the existing walls. To manage the deflections adjacent to the propped roof, the equipment specified was 10.4m x 4.5m and 4.7m x 2.8m 254UC, 203UC and 305UC frames at three levels.

Adding to the difficulties due to the confined space, there were challenging ground conditions (consisting of low strength soils and groundwater) as the site was in close proximity to the River Thames.

The Verdict

MGF’s early engagement, bespoke solution, innovative design and precise detailing

ensured minimum disruption to London’s second busiest underground station during the construction works.