Debbie Organ raises money for charity

Help support MGF’s Debbie Organ as she raises money for Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity!

Shortly after Debbie was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2021, she was referred by her specialist nurse to Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity where they were able to provide Debbie with support as well as a grant for day-to-day costs whilst she recovered from surgery. Since then, Debbie has supported the charity by attending their Wakefield Drop-in Café and wellbeing walks.

Now, Debbie and her husband are taking on the challenge of tackling the charities North Yorkshire Coastal Ramble, a 21.5-mile hike from Scarborough to Whitby taking place in September. The hope is that their efforts will help raise funds for Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity.    

All of us at MGF are proud to support Debbie as she raises awareness and encourages people to get their eyes tested regularly. Please visit Debbie’s JustGiving page and show your support!

Debbie’s Story

After suffering for several weeks from headaches and low energy, in 2021 doctors told Debbie it was likely a low mood caused by recent deaths of family members. Unconvinced, Debbie’s recurring symptoms of headaches, no energy, dizziness, ringing in her ear and a flickering eyelid, prompted her to push for a correct diagnosis and led to a suggestion from a nurse practitioner that her eyes could be the problem. In the end, an appointment with an optician at White Rose Optical raised some concerns.

She was then referred to the hospitals eye clinic where Debbie underwent several tests and was informed that she would need an urgent MRI. Joined by her husband, Debbie had the MRI and the brain tumour was confirmed.

“I was shocked. It didn’t sink in. I came out and told my husband and was escorted to A&E, my head whirling. I called my mum and a few close friends and no one could believe it.”

Debbie Organ
Debbie Organ and husband Mark

Transferred to Leeds General Infirmary for an urgent operation, Debbie’s husband and family members were not allowed to stay with her due to COVID restrictions.  

A week after the operation was successful, Debbie was allowed to recover at home with the support of her friends and family. Doctors later told her that she had a low-grade tumour called a meningioma and they were confident that they had removed it all during surgery.

“I might need radiotherapy in the future to stop the tumour from regrowing but I’m here to tell the tale. My tumour was highly receptive to progesterone so my contraceptive had been feeding it; I’ve now stopped taking it. All I can say is the NHS nurses and surgeons at LGI are amazing! I’d tell everyone, make sure you get your eyes tested regularly, it really can save your life. I will never forget my optician.”

Debbie Organ

Help support Debbie by visiting her JustGiving page and reading more of her inspirational story!