2022 black box initiavtive

MGF's Charity Box Campaign Continues for another 12 months!

After a successful 2021 campaign, our black box initiative is back and ready to raise more money for charities throughout 2022.  

This year two boxes will be painted black at each depot, one light weight mini trench box and one standard trench box, to allow for more opportunities to raise money and get our boxes onsite to promote these great charities.

Alongside a new coat of black paint, the boxes will be branded with the depots chosen charity logo where it will advertise and raise awareness for the charity whilst on site across the region.

Once again, each depot has chosen a charity close to their heart that they wish to support. at the end of the 12 months MGF will be donating the proceeds of each box to the charity that the depot has chosen, to support and give back to the local organisations that provide support to so many people.

Here are the charities chosen by our depots:

Astley charity
North West – Astley Depot

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Castleford 1024x614 1
Yorkshire – Castleford Depot

Midlands – Rugeley Depot

My Wish Charity Stanton 1024x614 1
East Anglia – Stanton Depot

Demelza Dartford
London – Dartford Depot

Rennie Grove Tring 1024x614 1
South East – Tring Depot

St Cuthberts Hospice Durham 1024x614 1
North East – Durham Depot

Held in Our Hearts Livingston 1024x614 1
West Lothian – Livingston Depot

Water Aid SW 1024x614 1
South West – Bristol Depot

Water Aid SW 1024x614 1
South West – Exeter Depot

The boxes will be selected at random from the hire fleet and sent far and wide across each region. If you see one of our boxes, perhaps take a photo and share it to help spread awareness for the incredible work these charities do and look to see if there are any ways that you too could show your support.

Please email your photos to marketing@mgf.co.uk and tag us in any social media posts.