Items to go in a rucksack

Yorkshire Depot Support the Rucksack Project

Teaming up with Moortown  Construction to help the homeless.

The team at MGF Yorkshire have worked closely with our long standing customer Moortown Construction Ltd to support national charity ‘The Rucksack Project’ who are focused on helping the homeless.

The Rucksack Project was founded in 2009 and aims to help homeless people that haven’t made it into shelters, and instead face days and nights on the streets without necessary supplies.  The sole aim is to help those struggling to survive the freezing weather and potentially save lives.

Images of camping essentials with labels underneath from The Rucksack Project

Coordinated by MGF employees Angela Musgrove and Phil Ash the team managed to create 5 full rucksacks to donate this winter. Each rucksack was filled with a sleeping bag, hat, gloves, scarf, underwear, socks, fleece, thermos flask, a spoon and a few tins of soup (with ringpulls). The team also provided a sack full of winter clothes to further support to the cause.

This is one of many charitable activities undertaken by MGF staff to support the communities in which we operate. For more information about MGF’s charitable activities please browse our latest news or contact our Head Office on 01942 402 700.