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2023, A Year of Growth for Our Lifting and Safety Division!

Our continued success since 1981, allowed us to branch out into the Lifting and Safety Sector. Since implementing, we have seen our Lifting and Safety Division go from strength to strength and continue to flourish.

Branching out into a different sector is a daunting task, with the worry that it will not be a success, however, 2023 has been a great year for our Lifting and Safety Division with many success stories.

This year, we have expanded our Lifting and Safety team to have representatives up and down the country. This growth allows us to be more visible in the industry and provide our customers with a point of contact in the area of their project and a familiar face.

We have welcomed three new Technical Sales, Victoria Badnell, Dave Hall, and Joe Jones.

New member of our Lifting and Safety Division, Victoria Badnell
Victoria Badnell
New member of our Lifting and Safety Division, Dave Hall
Dave Hall
New member of our Lifting and Safety Division, Joe Jones
Joe Jones

Our new Lifting Products.

In 2023, we have added two NEW products to our Lifting and Safety range.

On the left, we have our 2.5t Round Pipe Lifter, the slim design of this product makes it ideal for use in narrow trenches when handling precast concrete pipes and/or standard clay pipes.

On the right, is our PortX Davitsafe system. This was a joint venture with Reid Lifting allowing us to be the exclusive supplier as the Davit entered the market.

The PortX Davitsafe is a davit system that is suitable for fall arrest and retrieval in addition to man-riding and material handling use.

October brought the publication of our Hamms Hall case study. Where we worked with multiple industry experts to identify and provide an innovative lifting solution.

This project was a joint venture with our Structural Support Solution Division to come up with a collaborative solution based on a challenging set of criteria.

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In early November, we published our case study on the work we have done at Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield Road stadium. This high profile project involved expanding the overall capacity by an extra 7,000 seats.

At Anfield, MGF along with Ainscough Crane Hire ltd, successfully removed the old roof through a highly bespoke lifting solution developed using company-wide expertise provided by MGF. The final solution was two pairs of beams with an overall lifting capacity of 120 tonne.

In late November, our Lifting and Safety team attended the LEEA Awards after receiving a nomination.

LEEA, Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, is the largest Trade Association in the Lifting Industry and the awarding body of The Lifting Operations award. Receiving this award is an outstanding achievement for our Lifting Team and our company.

Our Lifting and Safety team received this award for their work with Ainscough Crane Hire Ltd on the Anfield projects.

Leea awards 17

Receiving The Lifting Operations award has been a highlight for the division, and shows that their hard work and dedication and patience of the team has certainly paid off. The award is a great achievement for all those involved in the project from both MGF and Ainscough Crane Hire ltd.

Overall, 2023 has been a very successful year for our Lifting and Safety Division, they have seen the addition of new products into the already extensive range of products. We have been very pleased with the growth of the team, they have settle into their roles and have become well known face for our customer base across the UK.

We hope the success of our Lifting and Safety Division in 2023 will continue into the new year, with many more successful projects to deliver and new products to add to our fleet.

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