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Jason Jones and Carl Grimshaw celebrate 25 years service at MGF!

MGF recently held celebrations for Jason Jones and Carl Grimshaw at their respective depots in Astley, Leigh and Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan, to congratulate them on 25 years of service.

Within their years at MGF, both have experienced different roles within the company, from working in the workshop, driving the wagons, as a yard operative as well as office-based roles.

Based at our Astley depot, Jason spent his first years in the workshop and yard of the old depot where he was responsible for operating the lathe, drill and saw and later the testing jig and press as well as sorting sheets and tank brace equipment.

About 9 years ago he then moved into the testing and repair of lifting equipment including chains and most recently has taken the time to carry out training to become a welder.

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Astley’s Depot Manager, Danny Dyson, commented on how Jason is a credit to the depot and is a very amenable and popular character whose skills and diversity make him an extremely valuable asset to the company.

Outside work, he likes to relax with a beer watching TV and spending time with his new grandson, he cycles to and from work every day and has recently joined the gym.

Elsewhere, Carl started MGF also working at the Astley depot driving rigid wagons where at the time there were only around 3 depots meaning he had to deliver to further locations.

Around 15 years ago he moved to a temporary depot in Lowton before moving to Ashton-in-Makerfield once Head Office was bought.

He was the first person to drive Head Office’s first Arctic wagon. This wagon allowed MGF to deliver larger kit to further locations across the country – Carl even drove to Ireland once to deliver an order.

After spending a short time in the workshop, he decided to go into kit sourcing for 12 months before again going back to driving wagons. During the pandemic, Carl alongside 3 others continued to work at Head Office sharing roles when needed for driving and in the yard amongst many other roles.

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Carl has since come back into the office to work with EMV’s and is currently working as part of the team in Capital Sales.

National Sales Manager – Capital Sales, Graeme Hodgson, would like to personally congratulate Carl on an amazing achievement of 25-years at MGF.

Carl is well known and liked across the business and has delivered to lots of different depots, not just in the Northwest and in his earlier days even did some driving for MGF founder, Michael O’Hara.

Outside work Carl is a Wigan rugby league and Manchester United fan, he enjoys cooking and baking whilst spending time with his wife, two daughters and family dog.

As part of the celebrations, lunch was provided at both the Astley depot and Head Office where Carl and Jason were presented with a trophy and certificate alongside other gifts from their friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to Carl and Jason for achieving their 25-years of service!