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5 Design Engineers Achieve EngTech MICE

Congratulations to five members of our Engineering Department who have passed their Professional Technician Review.

Adrian Brown, Charlie Stockley, Chris Atherton, Marcin Dardzinski and Matthew Howarth passed the final stage of qualifications to receive their EngTech status with the Engineering council and MICE accreditations from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), therefore gaining the letters EngTech MICE after their names.

Achieving EngTech status with the ICE proves the ability of the candidate at applying proven engineering techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems. Prior to the interview date, candidates must demonstrate their competence through experiences they have gained throughout their career. Attributes include engineering knowledge, health and safety, commercial awareness and sustainability including social, environmental and ecological impacts. Candidates must also demonstrate their commitment outside of their day jobs, this may include attending external meetings debating wider issues in the Civil Engineering field and encouraging up and coming Engineers from schools, colleges and universities.

The application process included an initial professional review of three questions, Adrian commented, “it was difficult to complete the questionnaire within a certain timescale, with a limited word count and ensure that all the attribute fields were completed and accounted for. It sounds cliché, but I enjoyed writing the whole thing”.

Once the initial professional development had been accepted by the institution, the participants had a scheduled interview with two experienced Engineers across the industry where they discussed their submission and which Marcin described as “very friendly and enjoyable”. It was optional to include a presentation within the interview, Charlie commented, “I enjoyed the interview, especially the presentation. To get the opportunity to present to two Fellows of the ICE was great”.

Across all aspects of the application, the candidate is required to demonstrate they adhere to the ICE’s attributes, with each question hitting different aspects of the Engineering Technician competency standards expected by the ICE.

Lee Womersley, Design Manager noted, “It is a fantastic achievement and milestone reached, both personally and for MGF. This further showcases the professional level our Engineering team are at within the industry”.