MGF Ground Vibration Monitoring unit by a lake

Accurately monitor ground vibrations with our new tool!

We are delighted to introduce the Ground Vibration Monitor into our expanding Trench Sheets, Sheet Pile and Ancillaries range.

Used for monitoring and recording ground vibrations when installing sheet piles with a MGF Piling Hammer (EMV), the Ground Vibration Monitor guarantees that your site team are working safely within the requirements of ground vibration levels.

Due to how they operate, all EMV’s will generate vibrations in the surrounding area. This level of vibration can change depending on multiple factors such as EMV type, variations in ground conditions and the proximity from areas of interest to the install point. The Ground Vibration Monitoring tool combats this issue and allows the data to be viewed and recorded, as well as having the option of audible and visual alarms should the vibrations exceed the pre-set trigger level.

Enquire with your local depot to add this to your EMV order!