An innovative idea from our Fleet Manager!

MGF’s Fleet Manager, Michael Ashcroft submitted an idea to our Research & Development incentive scheme and had his product chosen for development!

In 2020, MGF developed a new scheme that incentivised our staff to submit new and innovative products that could be reviewed from a technical, commercial and demand perspective, to see whether or not the submission is viable to be added into our fleet.

MA NB cheque
Michael Ashcroft and Nick Barbour

Our latest successful product submission was Ladder Securing Clamps, compatible with all ladders that MGF stock. After spending much of his early career visiting sites, Michael realised he had seen many ladders that lead into excavations just held in place by rope, and that there was a gap in the market.

MGF Senior Mechanical Engineer, Nick Barbour, made Michael’s idea a reality, by designing the Ladder Clamp for our fleet. Michael worked closely with Nick throughout this process.

“I, personally, wouldn’t have felt safe going down into an excavation with the ladder held in place only by rope. I would want further safety precautions, this sparked my idea for the ladder clamps.”

Fleet Manager, Michael Ashcroft

The product was launched into our fleet in late 2022, meaning that Michael’s submission was found to be needed technically, commercially with a demand in the market.

Our Research & Development incentive scheme has lead to the creation of the Safe Lift Road Plate, the Manhole Ring Lifting Pins and the Epoxy coated steel ladders.

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