The Lilacs newspiece

Big Year Ahead for MGF’s Sam Birchall and his band, The Lilacs!

After a successful 2021 that included playing at Isle of Wight festival and supporting The Sherlocks at Albert Hall, the band are excited to head into 2022 preparing for their first headline tour and release of their debut album.

The Lilacs consist of Sam and his friends Ollie Anglesea, Matty Johnson and Dave Gomersall. Before being picked for Isle of Wight, the band had been playing small gigs across the country.

On being a part of one of the biggest festivals in the UK, Sam says, “It was a really good atmosphere, and just being a part of it was quality. A lot of people came out to see us, and we just thought we had a half an hour set to give it everything we’ve got.”

With plenty of live performances under their belt, The Lilacs plan to make 2022 their best year yet with their upcoming tour including dates in Stockton, Sheffield, York, Liverpool, Leeds and London.


Alongside a UK tour, the band is also planning to release more music and build on their existing portfolio.

“As a band we feel like we’ve got to another level and improved a lot. We’ve got some new stuff that we haven’t said much about. There will be a new single early on, and then an EP after that. We think we’ve stepped it up this time. The set is getting bigger, better and stronger every time. It takes months sometimes to sit on tracks thinking if they are ready or not. It’s mad releasing a song and wondering if people will get behind them, but the first few have done miles better than we expected.”

Sam Birchall

MGF are excited to see where the band takes itself next and wish them the best of luck!

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