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Catching up with our Grass Routes Apprentices

Our two Grass Routes Apprentices have completed their first three months with MGF. They have been settling into life as Engineers at our Engineering Centre in Astley, Greater Manchester.

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Oliver Briggs

“During my first three months at MGF I’ve begun to understand how to use REVIT and how to manage my workload, creating a balance between work at MGF, college work and my personal life. I know I have a long way to go before I reach the level of skill needed for my role as a Civil Engineer, but I have made a good start.

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have developed as an individual and as an employee, I’ve begun to understand my responsibilities and what I need to work on. I have learnt that asking for help is key to learning new skills and the Engineering Centre has a strong team ethic, we all want each other to succeed. I’m enjoying the challenge, it is an entirely new world I’ve entered into, not only Civil Engineering, but working life.

The possibilities for the future are vast, now that I’m completing my apprenticeship; I’m enjoying getting to know my colleagues more as they help me develop my skills.

I believe I have settled into working life at MGF very well and I find it encouraging seeing how much I have learnt since the start, this motivates me to continue learning. I feel that MGF have put me on a path to success.

In the new year, I am looking forward to learning more about engineering and MGF as a business, increasing my knowledge and skillset. In addition to this, I’m looking forward to the next Grass Routes process.”

Luke Eckersley

“Since starting at MGF, I have gained valuable skills, both professional and personal. Skills, such as using Autodesk Revit, this has allowed me to create drawings for designs. I have become more self-reliant, finding ways to trouble shoot my own obstacles and reaching out to my colleagues when needed. My confidence in my own abilities has grown massively in the past three months.

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have developed both academically with my studies at university and with hands on experience from creating drawings while at work.

I am very much enjoying my first few months at MGF and hope that I can get to know my colleagues better as my time here progresses.

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I feel that I have settled very well into the workplace and intend to integrate into the wider company in the coming months. I look forward to gaining a better understanding of the business in the new year and to further expand and enhance my knowledge in temporary works, which will help me to produce better and more accurate drawings.”

“Both Oliver and Luke are now fully embedded into the Engineering team. They are learning crucial drafting skills through the use of Autodesk Revit, with support from Senior Technicians and Engineers across the business. They are developing an understanding of fundamental engineering principles through their academic studies combined with their hands on design experience.

With exposure to more complex schemes, we will be ensuring they gain critical site experience to enhance their understanding with regards to buildability of temporary works. In the new year, we are sending Oliver and Luke around the business to gain an understanding of how our Operations team meet the needs of our customers to help compliment them in their design roles.”

Engineering Manager, Lee Womersley

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