Celebrating Women in Construction Week!

To start Women in Construction Week, we asked some of the women of MGF how they found their way into the construction industry.

The construction industry has, for a long time, been viewed as a industry largely operated by men. But in recent times, this perception is being challenged and gradually altered. Despite the fact that many of us may not have envisioned ourselves within this industry initially, it’s become a place where we’ve actively elected to remain.

“I fell into the Construction Industry completely by chance, I was fresh out of university and looking for the next steps in the big adult world, when I stumbled across the job advert for Graduate Management Trainee, that offered to put everything I’d learnt in theory in to practice, and more. Now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Management Trainee, Olivia Tavener

One of the many projects the Women of MGF have worked on shown to you for Women in Construction Week.

“I wasn’t looking for a job in Construction, as I was looking for a local job in Administration. I just found this vacancy on the Indeed app, so I applied for this job as it is not too far from where I live (Astley born and bred) my previous job was in Retail (Asda) and had worked for them over 35 years so really needed a change of scenery. I don’t think I would want to go back to Retail as I do love my job in the Construction industry.”

Administration Assistant, Tracy Piwecki

“I never thought I’d work in the construction industry. When I met my husband, he was working as an engineer for Skanska. The project he was on ended and he was moving to Ashford, Kent and asked if I wanted to come and he got me a job as a chainlad on site. After a week, I moved into document control and then they found out I had an environmental degree so, I was taken on by the Environment Department and the rest is history.”

Environmental & Sustainability Advisor, Samantha Smith

“After completing a Film and Television Degree then a PGCE, I realised teaching was not for me and started looking for a new role when I applied for a marketing position at MGF, I had no experience in the construction industry but loved the atmosphere and feel of the business, I was only too happy to accept the job offer and now nearly 2 years later, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our kit, our customers and the industry.”

Marketing Executive, Rachel Maloney

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“In 1999, MGF were advertising the opening of a new Depot in Bristol with lot’s of exciting opportunities, I decided to apply & 25 years later, I am still enjoying my role! I work with some great people & love the regular interaction with our valued  customers!”

Regional Manager – South West, Tracy McMahon

“I’ve worked in this industry since I left school 21 years ago. I started in plant hire doing an apprenticeship and NVQs in Business admin. I have had a few jobs in between and then fell in to shoring equipment. Mostly I enjoy it.”

Hire Desk Controller, Lynne White

“I didn’t plan on working in the construction industry. I applied for a job with MGF because it’s walking distance from my house and I was absolutely miserable in my current role. I didn’t expect to get it as I came from retail and hospitality, I just applied to be proactive. I also had no experience whatsoever and didn’t even know what a trench box was. 5 months on and I’m getting more confident and building my knowledge every day.”

Hire Desk Controller, Hannah Strong

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“I found myself in construction purely by chance. I started a Sales Admin role for a Safety Company when I moved out and relocated. I caught the bug of an ever changing and evolving industry and as they say the rest is history.”

Technical Sales – Lifting & Safety, Victoria Badnell

“I took a summer job at MGF in Astley after finishing my exams, did not plan on a career in construction but I love it and glad I stayed!”

Regional Manager – Midlands & East Anglia, Mechelle O’Hara

“I had my first taste of the Construction Industry at 15 years old when I went to Lignacite for a 1-week work experience placement, which had been organised through a family friend. My duties included filing, answering the reception phone, and making up brochures to be sent out to prospective customers. I must have made a positive impression as I was invited back to work on Reception as holiday cover during the School Holidays which resulted in Lignacite being my first ‘adult’ job listed on my CV.

I went on to study English, Psychology, Media and Theatre for A-Levels (nothing remotely to do with Construction) and found a placement through an Agency for Summer work with Enterprise Utilities- a link made from my holiday cover work at Lignacite. The rest as they say is History. I’ve enjoyed 19 years so far, and seen many changes along the way, including an increase in Woman taking up careers in the Industry and been part of some amazing Projects with wonderful people.”

Area Sales and Regional Accounts Manager – East Anglia, Hannah Hamilton

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