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Creating a Garden, No Matter How Small the Space!

Our depots have been creating garden and green space, no matter how little room is available. Developing an area for relaxation and promoting biodiversity.

What have the Depots done?

At our Depots, they have limited space due to machinery, equipment, trucks etc however this didn’t stop them from trying to create a small area for the plants and wildlife that surround them to encourage biodiversity.

Depot staff have been enjoying seeing the different wildlife that has visited the gardens, from butterflies to bees, hawks to chickens, there has been a variety that has stopped by. It has been a great joy throughout the business to see the photos of the developing outdoor spaces.

Our depots have got creative with using damaged kit and office furniture in the garden. Old work boots have been hung up as birds nests, one of the yard operators used scrap wood to create a insect hotel and various plants and vegetables have been planted, then once grown used to make food like soup.

Different ideas for the depot garden

The importance of outdoor space.

Our staff have been joining together to create a space that they can all enjoy, coming up with new ideas for upcycling that have been shared across the business. The outdoor space offers an environment that promotes relaxation and a break from work, as well as a sense of community.

At our Head Office, an unused area by the car park has now been fenced off and turned into a seating area for staff to enjoy. Plants have been added and hanging baskets off the fence will be added to grow tomatoes and various other fruit and vegetables.

“Each week there are more photos being shared, our staff have taken such pride in creating their green space.”

Marketing Executive, Rachel Maloney

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Exeter depot has used a small area to the side of their depot building to create their outdoor space, due to the depot’s rural location, the garden area has lovely views across rolling green fields.

Over at our Livingston depot, the staff have been busy creating a raised planter that has now been populated with a variety of plant life that will attract pollinators to the area.

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