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Double celebrations for MGF!

MGF are delighted to announce that we have passed two recent audits, our RISQS and ISO1090.

Last week, MGF took part in 4 days of auditing, to ensure we retain our RISQS and ISO1090 accreditations. MGF pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high standard of products and services and it is these accreditations that reassures our customers that they will receive a high standard of service.

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme reassures buyers and suppliers that safety obligations are met, by ‘providing a fair and transparent way for them to be recognised as capable providers of products and services.’ This accreditation is recognised across the rail industry.

To gain and keep the RISQS, MGF must keep up to date and implement rail industry standards and various other requirements imposed by external bodies associated with the accreditation.

The ISO1090 allows us to design and manufacture the sale and hire of excavation support equipment to the construction industry to Execution Class 3. There are four execution classes ranging from Execution Class 1 which sets the lowest set of Quality requirements to Execution Class 4.

“After recently passing the ISO1090 and RISQS audit and by maintaining our ISO1090 and RISQS accreditation it provides assurance to our customers, stakeholders and Board that we have achieved the desired standards to continue manufacturing quality equipment and to trade on rail projects.”

SHEQ Manager, Eddie Prendergast

Well done and thank you to all who have been involved with this process.

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