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Encouraging Biodiversity on our Allotment!

At MGF, we have been encouraging our depots to become more sustainable by creating their own green space. An area to relax, enjoy and take a break from work whilst promoting biodiversity.

Why have an outdoor space?

An outdoor space is an enjoyable area that will provide our depot staff with an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air and relieve stress. There is evidence that proves that taking breaks outside leads to increased focus, improves creative thinking and problem solving, whist increasing happiness. These benefits can have a dramatic impact on employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

What is National Allotment Week?

National Allotment Week was created by the National Allotment Society (NAS) and their members to engage the public in the world of allotments and publicise the benefit of allotment gardening for communities, individuals, and the planet. It runs from the 7th to the 13th of August, with this years theme being Soil Health.

In keeping with the theme, the staff at Yorkshire have done their research before planting, to ensure that the plant have the all the nutrients they need for growth.

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“After a stressful day, coming out here is a relaxing break.”

Hire Desk Controller, Alison Wales

What have Yorkshire done?

At our Yorkshire depot, they have decided to create a memorial area where they have planted a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, squash and cabbage. When the vegetables are ready to harvest, they are used to make a meal for those at the depot, recently Leek and Potato soup was shared.

The garden has a seating area for staff to enjoy the local wildlife, a variety of birds and insects frequently visit the garden, along with some larger wildlife such as a hedgehog, squirrel, fox and pheasant. To view the local wildlife without causing disruption the depot clubbed together to purchase a wildlife camera that works on a motion sensor to capture the animals even in the dark.

Encouraging biodiversity

Our Yorkshire depot has got creative with using damaged kit and office furniture in the garden. Damaged GRP has been upcycled into a gutter system to collect rainwater in the water barrels that is then used to water the garden. An old filing cabinet, that would have found it’s way to landfill has been used as planters that now have vegetables growing in them.

Upcycling and preventing landfill waste has ignited a passion for recycling in our Yorkshire depot.

“We get so much enjoyment out of it, we love it.”

Depot Foreman, James Myers

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