MGF Wall Bridge & Gangway Ramp

MGF have launched two new products into the fleet: The Gangway Ramp and Wall Bridge

MGF have launched two new products into the fleet: The Gangway Ramp and Wall Bridge

The two new shoring safety products have been introduced to improve safety onsite and are fully compatible: with the Gangway Ramp attaching to either face of the Wall Bridge without the use of an overshoe adaptor.

Gangway Ramp

Originally developed as a customer collaboration, the Gangway Ramp has officially been introduced into the fleet.

This product is designed to provide safer access onto Laddersafe platforms where immediate ground conditions are poor, or there is a high sheet upstand on the trench sheets, sheet piles or box panels.

The modular ramp can cater for a 0.5m vertical height with the actual ramp being 1.5m long. These new developments are modular and can be linked up to three times to a vertical height of 1.5m, carrying a maximum load of 150kg.

The ramps are compatible with the Type 1 & 2 Laddersafe by using an overshoe adaptor or can fit directly onto the Type 3 Laddersafe and Wall Bridge.

See more of the product here.

Wall Bridge

Developed following a customer request, this double-sided steel ladder access platform has been specifically designed to overcome the issue of traversing over tall concrete walls.

Featuring a wide clamping range adjustability, the Wall Bridge can clamp to wall thicknesses of 80mm to 650mm or is suitable for use for steel box panels of the same thickness.

Compatible with MGF Wooden Ladders or GRP Leaning Rung Ladders, the MGF Wall Bridge can be used as a cost-effective alternative to scaffold towers onsite, avoiding the associated fitting and repositioning as job stages progress on site.

The platform is suitable for use by a single operative only.

View the product specification here.