Lifting training day

Getting hands-on training with our new Lifting products!

On Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd June, our Midlands and Southern sales teams came together to participate in a 2-day training course aimed at improving their knowledge and understanding of Lifting and Safety equipment.

Hosted by REID at their Chepstow depot, the course was a joint effort between REID, Probst and William Hackett, where the group were given the opportunity to install and disassemble select pieces of kit.

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Sales teams from our Rugeley, Stanton, Tring, Dartford, Bristol and Exeter depots were able to speak to supplier’s one-on-one, learn more about the products and get hands on with the kit, including assembling and disassembling gantries. Allowing them to further understand the products and how they could work in potential temporary work schemes to solve customer requirements.

‘We have come here today to REID Lifting to develop our sales teams lifting and safety knowledge and have some hands-on practical experience with the equipment.’

Kieron Hammatt, Southern Lifting & Safety Manager

The teams were split into 3 groups and given 3 x 45-minute sessions with each supplier to learn more about the kit up close and allow them to explore the equipment in-depth. Afterwards, the whole group worked together to complete the ‘Ultimate Challenge’ set by the suppliers. They were given a scenario where they needed to lift a 2500kg piece of material and transport it from point A to point B and then lower back to the ground. The group had the freedom to use every product discussed during the training and the aim was to encourage the team to think about solutions using lifting and safety products that are now available within the MGF fleet.

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Here are a few words from those who participated in the training:

‘I think it’s been brilliant yesterday and today, its just opened our eyes to the new division that has been introduced to MGF.’

Lisa Bury, Technical Sales

‘Today has been very beneficial, in terms of being able to find out just how light some of these gantry systems are and the application of them, the different types of products that are available to us now in the fleet that can complement our existing product range and it’s been really good to get to know the suppliers.’

Hannah Hamilton, Technical Sales

‘The day has been really engaging, we are offering more and we can solve customers problems not just with the excavation but with any lifting requirements they may have. It compliments the Structural Support side as well.’

Alex Begyinah, Technical Sales

‘Before I came to this day, I didn’t have a lot of an idea of what the equipment was or what the applications were. But now we’ve had a chat about it and had a go with the kit, I am much better prepared.’

Ben Lepett, Technical Sales

Thank you to our suppliers for hosting the training days and the MGF sales teams for taking part!

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