Improving sustainability with eco-friendly stacking skids

MGF are in the process of transferring away from the wooden skids used to keep our products apart and away from the ground in our yards into a more carbon neutral alternative.

The primary use of skids, generally a thick piece of timber, is to work as a permanent or semi-permanent foundation for MGF equipment. They are also used for heavy hauling on transport vehicles. The skids stop the equipment from sliding on slick or uneven surfaces and are easy to manoeuvre by hand.

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In a concerted effort company wide, we’re shifting away from the one-use timber skids we’ve used previously in our yards. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the new skids are a sustainable product with re-usable value that will eventually replace all timber used in MGF yards.

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With identical performance to timber and the upside of durability and no chance of rot, the alternatives will not only be an investment into our yards, country-wide, but an investment into the sustainable future of the planet.

“The importance of sustainability and what it means to MGF cannot be underestimated. The new skids we are purchasing are fully recyclable and will have a far greater life cycle than the wooden skids we currently use. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to protect the environment, to reduce waste and to continuously look for innovative ways to improve our work processes.”

MGF SHEQ Manager, Eddie Prendergast

These new plastic skids will be used to stack all MGF equipment, including the newly launched Utility Waler, pictured above.