In loving memory of Carl Ashcroft

MGF would like to take this opportunity to offer our condolences and support to Carl’s friends and family throughout this difficult period.

Carl began his journey with MGF in 2012, in the role of Depot Foreman at the Astley depot. He stayed at Astley for several successful years, before deciding to move to Head Office to further his skills and knowledge.

Whilst at Head Office, Carl’s presence was noticed by everyone, not only for his dedication to his job and MGF, but also his welcoming personality and sense of humour.

Carl had a significant impact on helping many departments at Head Office including, Operations, SHEQ, and Learning and Development.

Carl Ashcroft 1

“I will always have fond memories of his personal achievements in life, such as the Manchester Marathon we ran together in April 2017, he had injured his leg a few weeks prior but was still determined to start and more importantly finish the 26.2 miles and the age of 47 and in a decent time as well!”

Commercial Manager, Neil Price

In February 2022, Carl returned to our Astley depot in the role of Assistant Depot Manager, here he continued to show 100% commitment to every aspect of his work at MGF. Carl’s positive outlook on everything he did, both professionally and personally, was reflected onto those around him, his willingness to help everyone, with a smile on his face, made even the most difficult of tasks easier.

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Carl spent a lot of his time outside of MGF with his wife, Barbara, who he had built a successful property portfolio with, they went on many holidays and made many happy memories together.

“The thing I’ll miss most is the conversations we had. It feels very strange not seeing him when I walk into the office and I don’t think this will pass any time soon. It was great to work alongside someone with Carl’s experience and attitude, and being able to bounce ideas off each other is something I’ll always remember fondly. I know this was the same for many colleagues within the business who often called on Carl for help. He always encouraged people to try to do better and I know the team here are feeling the loss.”

Depot Operations Manager, Daniel Dyson

“I was eagerly awaiting our usual Monday morning chats to talk about our weekend, this one more so, as I had just had a week off skiing, a hobby we both loved. Carl was always on hand to help in any and every way possible, always asking if I needed help. He never switched off, always looking at ways to improve the depot and me as a foreman. He taught me so much and I, as many others, will desperately miss having him here.”

Foreman, Miguel Garcia

“Carl was an absolute gentleman and liked by everyone he worked with. During his 11 years with the business, he was a key member of the Astley and Head Office teams. A life taken much too young and he will be missed a lot. Our thoughts and condolences are very much with his family, friends and colleagues.”

Managing Director, Simon Littlewood