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Introducing Arthur Hawker, Technical Sales Representative from our Exeter depot

This year Arthur celebrates his 8th year as Technical Sales Representative for the South West where he is based at our depot in Exeter covering Devon and Cornwall.


Tell us a bit about your role

I focus on offering advice and providing customers with solutions to temporary works problems, while also helping them to develop a better understanding of what MGF have offer. I regularly visit sites as well as engage in higher-level long-term projects across the area. I deliver training to workers on site though presentations and toolbox talks as I find that a combination of both in the classroom and on-site learning helps to keep people engaged.

What do you enjoy about it the most?

Solving problems is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing, no two excavations are the same, each one has different factors to consider such as the size, ground conditions, services and the surrounding area when coming up with the best solution. Being able to work closely with our Regional Engineering team to adapt and develop designs, particularly for more technical and complex requirements which often require a number of design revisions to develop the final solution.

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What was it that made you want to follow a career in technical sales?

I like meeting and talking to new people, listening to their problems about shoring, and then solving these with a solution that’s right for them. With this role in particular, customers put their trust in your ability to provide them with a safe solution from your technical expertise and experience. I am always honest with my customers and would much rather give them a solution that is best for them, as this in time builds trust and will make them want to come back to you the next time they need a problem solving. Its also a great feeling when I know a customer has placed an order with us.

Describe your background and how you got into the industry

I started off working at Davenport docks as a paint sprayer by trade after leaving school but later decided to look for a role in sales and was first introduced to the industry working for a company called Hewden Stewart. I started of as a sales representative and during the 15 years I was there progressed to national account manager however the business was then sold during the recession and it was then that I joined MGF. 

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What do you find to be the most interesting projects to work on?

Based in the South West the majority of projects that I’m involved in are across the Water and Utilities sector with one of the most interesting being a recent emergency requirement in Glenville. This started of as a basic response to a burst sewer which was a 4m x 4m x 4m hole, however it was quickly highlighted that due to proximity of existing services including a gas main the solution requirement became more challenging. The initial design had to be revised to accommodate the complex installation process to ensure the quickest and safest solution was used. I find these kinds of jobs the most interesting when they quickly change from basic to more complex, they require you to think on your feet and involve more technical support from engineers to ensure the safest and most suitable solution if delivered. I find the most challenging solutions to be the most rewarding.

What do you appreciate about having strong working relationships with customers and how that benefits your job?

Trust is such a big factor in building relationships with customers and has played a huge part in the relationships I’ve maintained over the years. Whether it’s a small or large scale job, when they come to you for help, it’s one less thing that they need to worry about knowing that they can rely on your support. Whether we are meeting on site to discuss requirements or developing a design our customers can be confident that we’re providing them with an accurate solution.

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