Introducing our Area Sales Manager for Structural Support, Christian De Stefano.

I’ve spent some time settling into my role as Area Sales Manager, focusing on introducing myself to MGF’s existing customers, whilst developing my product and industry knowledge, visiting new sites and expanding our customer base.

My role has two distinct elements to it, one being commercial and customer relationships, building trust and awareness. The second element is technical skills, to help me, support our customers and find the best possible solution for the Structural Support requirements of their projects.

Structural Support Division 3

One part of my role that I look forward to is meeting with customers, being relatively new to the role, I find it beneficial to get out and introduce myself, in person, to customer. This is because I love the human side of my role, meeting and talking to people, face to face, listening the their projects requirements and helping to provide a solution.

My role at MGF has brought me back to sales, offering solutions, not just products. I have spent the last 10 years in the construction, I have seen developments in the market and the pace in which projects move has only become faster. Customers are expected to deliver quicker and to do this, they need a trusted supplier.

I started as an Assistant Manager, before progressing to a Project Manager and more recently, a Tech/Marketing Specialist for a single product, I have had the chance to not only to sell but to manage different people involved in projects and the deep knowledge of a product to improve its launch into the market.

Structural Support Division 1
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The ones that start from nothing, the best projects to work on for me, are the ones I get to see from start to finish. I like being able to see the building I have had the opportunity to work on, I feel proud knowing I had a role to play.

It is important to be a trusted supplier for my customers, This makes them happy to call me for help again and again.

Keep an eye out for any upcoming Case Studies from our sales teams!