Introducing our new High Clearance Standard Trench Box!

Designed in response to a customer request, this new product is an alternative panel design to our existing standard trench box which allows for a greater understrut clearance. The additional 300mm clearance provided offers an ideal solution for repairing or installing larger utilities and services.

With the same dimensions as our standard trench box panels, the panels for the high clearance standard trench box are 3.5m long x 2.5m high and 100mm thick. A new feature includes stiffened soldiers down either side of the panel, with the lower strut connecting into said soldier to give an understrut clearance of 1525mm. Due to the higher understrut clearance these panels are rated lower than our existing Standard Trench Boxes at 30kN/m².

HCSTB panel
HCSTB accessories
HCSTB panels

The alternate system is fully compatible with MGF’s 100 series telescopic trench box struts, trench box strut adaptors and pins, and up to one standard trench box top can be added to allow for a maximum depth of up to 4.08m. Like the standard trench box, our high clearance standard trench box is designed to be installed by an excavator using either the dig and push or excavate and lower in place technique.

Our latest product will help support customers who require additional solutions when dealing with complex utilities onsite.  

See the product page to make an enquiry.