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Introducing MGF's Technical Sales Graduate from our Yorkshire Depot

As a Technical Sales Graduate for our Yorkshire depot, my role and responsibilities are quite varied with a central focus on learning and development through hands on experience. Liaising with our Technical Sales Dean and Chris on a daily basis, is possibly the most important aspect of my current role. This allows me to improve both my industry and customer knowledge around the entirety of Yorkshire, Hull, Lincoln. However, at the same time, I provide benefits to Dean and Chris, by researching live and up-coming projects, spending time with existing customers and new prospects. Another aspect of my role is managing small sections of accounts, which varies from loyal MGF customers to prospective, target accounts. This provides me with a fantastic sales learning opportunity, where I am able to draw on many aspects of my training and apply them into different situations.

Technical Sales Graduate, Thomas Simmons Site photo.

My week typically begins on a Friday afternoon, where I create a plan for the following week. I do this by balancing my time evenly between both areas. By liaising with Dean and Chris, using Glenigan leads to find out about upcoming projects, and drawing on my own industry knowledge, I am able to maximise my time seeing customers via site or office visits. During office hours, I use this time to plan further, make follow-up calls, record my actions on CRM, along with assisting with quotes, design briefs and communicating with our departments at MGF.

There are numerous aspects to my role that I truly enjoy, meeting new people and developing good long-lasting relationships with individuals and companies, to name a few, gives me incredible satisfaction. Also, the variety of my role is something I really enjoy, no two days are the same and this is something that keeps me interested in coming to work each day. I think the aspect I enjoy most about my role is how much there is to learn. Albeit the technical elements to the job can be somewhat overwhelming at times, I enjoy coming to work each day knowing that I will learn something new.

Before starting my career in sales, I completed a master’s degree in physical education at Leeds Beckett University. From there I went on to teaching primary school PE. After realising I wanted a change in career path and found sales, I began my first Sales Graduate role at RMD Kwikform, where I was put on various training courses. I spent 16 months learning sales and developing my knowledge of the industry and Temporary Works, I have now been with MGF since 1st September 2023, and couldn’t be happier with my move.

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The projects I find to be most interesting are the more reactive type of projects. A perfect example would be Northern Gas, which is an account I’ve taken on recently. I really enjoy these projects, because of how challenging they can be, particularly when we have to work around services and utilities to put the frames in the correct location. I feel this type of work has been hugely beneficial for my development.

Having and maintaining strong working relationships with customers in this industry is one of the most important aspects to the job. Being able to get to a point with a customer where they see you as their point of contact for any shoring/excavation support, gives me great job satisfaction. It outlines to me that they see me as capable of helping them carry out their works. I appreciate from a customer perspective that it can take a very long time to build up the trust and respect to become loyal to a Sales Rep.

It’s no secret that people move around companies from time to time. However, by having strong working relationships with a variety people within a company, I can maintain a relationship with that customer if someone were to move to another company. This also provides me with another contact for the company that individuals moves to as well.

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