Introducing the Epoxy Coated Steel Ladder and Ladder Securing Clamps

MGF have introduced two NEW products to be included in our shoring range, the Epoxy Coated Steel Ladder and Ladder Securing Clamps.

The epoxy coated steel ladders are robust and rated to 150kg, making them usable in a variety of applications. The epoxy coating creates a strong resistance to corrosion, degradation and impact, making them highly durable for long term hires and sales. The product is easily identifiable due it’s orange colouring, it is compatible with Laddersafe and Wall Bridge systems and available in lengths ranging from 3m to 7m. These can be hired or purchased by contacting us through our enquiries line.

MGF’s ladder securing clamps are a unique, in-house design, used to secure MGF ladders to our systems, such as Laddersafe or Wall Bridge. They fit to MGF GRP ladders, wooden pole ladders and the new epoxy coated steel ladders. They are available as a pair and simply hook over the stiles of the ladder, clamping the ladder pole to the relevant safety product.

Watch the video below for more information.

Find out the technical specifications and other details about the product here.