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Introducing the NEW 203 UC+ Brace!

A NEW modular, hydraulic bracing system that can lead to more economical designs.

This new range of hydraulic bracing is suitable for medium to large cofferdams and trenches and is capable of achieving 3m to 11m clear spans. The 203 UC+ is compatible with our existing 203 UC Brace ensure efficient frame designs. The use of high grade steel strengthening plates welded on the extensions provides additional strength whilst minimising weight, allowing for a more economical design.

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The 203 UC+ range comprises of a new 300kN double acting, hydraulic power pack, with 700mm of stroke. With 4 extension bars, 0.25m, 0.9m, 3.3m and 5.0m. which allow for any length of 203 UC+ leg to be assembled.

The 203 UC+ is compatible with our 200 series and 300 series bracing struts. The 0.9m, 3.3m and 5.0m extensions include shear lugs, shear stops welded against the connection lugs, which can receive knee braces, eliminating the need for bespoke, welded shear stops.

For more information, view the product page.