Introducing the NEW GRiPSHORE+ range!

A NEW range comprised of two products, GRiPSHORE+ Trench Boxes and GRP+ Stackshore.

GRiPSHORE+ is a new range of products that complement MGF’s existing GRiPSHORE® line. The new range consists of two products, GRiPSHORE+ Trench Boxes and GRP Stackshore. The range features lightweight GRP panels, reinforced each end with thin gauge, S700, folded steel sections, which adds on strength with minimal additional weight whilst ensuring the system is sufficiently robust.

The new GRiPSHORE + Trench box
GRiPSHORE+ Trench box
GRP Stackshore Box Excavator dropping rubble Physical sky MB
GRiPSHORE+ Stackshore

Impressive panel Safe Working Loads of up to 30kN/m² can be achieved with generous clearances below the bottom strut of 770mm. Both ranges are much lighter than comparable steel or aluminium systems, simplifying the transportation, saving on fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The systems are light enough that they can be transported using transit vans whilst smaller excavators onsite can be used to install them over alternative products.

GRiPSHORE+ Trench Boxes are an extension of our existing GRiPSHORE GRP Trench Boxes and GRP Modular Boxes – allowing for longer panel lengths, deeper depths and higher panel SWLs.

GRP Trenchbox STRONG On ground Comp FINAL MB

GRP Stackshore is a new 4-sided, modular box system targeted towards rail jobs and Under Track Crossing (UTX) works, where the system can be fully assembled by hand, in a wide variety of configurations.

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GRP Stackshore Box Excavator Front MB

For more information, view the GRiPSHORE+ Trench box or GRP Stackshore product page.