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Introducing the NEW PortX Davitsafe

The NEW PortX is a 3-piece, lightweight, aluminium Davitsafe system is supplied with a galvanised steel trench socket, that can attach to a range of MGF products.

The PortX Davitsafe is compatible with our existing range of Davitsafe ancillaries, including our fall arrest and recovery winches, manriding winches and goods handling winches. This Davitsafe system will enter the market in the autumn of 2023 and MGF will be the exclusive supplier.

This Davitsafe system is manufactured by Reid Lifting, using Reid’s patented baring system allowing the davit to rotate 360 degree whilst under full load.

With the ability to have up to 2 winches installed on the davit post at one time, the PortX Davitsafe can be used for the following:

PortX Davitsafe.

The PortX Davitsafe is MGF’s first davit system that can be used to lift goods in and out of excavations, up to a maximum weight of 315kg. When the system is being used in fall arrest and man-riding application the Working Load Limit is 140kg. There is also a connection point for a fall arrest block on the Davit arm, to protect the davit operator. Featuring a wider clamping range the PortX Davitsafe is compatible with all our steel Trench Boxes, including our 150mm thick. High Clearance Trench Box panels, in addition in addition to KKD and ER Trench Sheets and all interlocked sheet piles.

For more information, view the product page.