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Introducing the Safe Lift Road Plate!

In addition to our existing Road Plate, MGF are introducing the new Safe Lift Road Plate into the fleet!

Developed following a proposal submitted to our new product incentive scheme, this new type of road plate will allow us to further support our customers’ needs and features a new integrated lifting socket welded central to the plate, this enables them to be handled using a single leg chain in conjunction with a lifting adaptor.

Road plates are typically used to cover trenches in carriageways and allow traffic to safely traverse the trench. The new features on the latest type of road plate allows them to be handled much easier and safer than traditional methods.


The central lifting socket on the plate combined with the separate lifting adaptor allow the plates to be lifted using a single leg chain, improving the level of safety and speeding up the handling process.

To lift the plates a lifting adaptor is to be inserted into the central lifting socket and a chain hook is to be attached to lift the plate vertically. This is a much simpler and safer process and does not require the plate to be chocked at each corner to gain access to the corner lifting points for handling with a 4-leg chain, speeding up the installation process.

Each Safe Lift Road Plate is provided with a 30mm diameter hole in each corner for securing the road plate using ground anchors. Available in sizes of 2.4m x 1.2m x 19mm thick, all Safe Lift Road Plates are anti-skid coated as standard practice.

Watch the below video for more on our Safe Lift Road Plates!

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