It's National Apprenticeship Week!

Here at MGF, we have a wide variety of apprenticeship to suit the job role and working environment you are looking for to help you gain the qualifications you need. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we asked some of our current apprentices a few of the frequently asked questions surrounding apprenticeships.

We asked Archie, our Apprentice Welder based at our Bristol depot, what subjects do I need to have studied to be an apprentice Welder?

“There are no base-level requirements for entering a welding apprenticeship, they offer a variety of entry levels, however, I have found that a qualification in GCSE Mathematics has come in very handy in various scenarios. I suggest enrolling in a welding apprenticeship if you enjoy working with your hands and show an interest in the premise of problem-solving, seeing and understanding how things work individually to come together as a whole.”

Apprentice Welder, Archie Heskins
Archie Celebrating National Apprenticeship week

Molly barnes test 1

Molly, one of our Trainee Apprentice Engineers, was asked, what was the interview process like for your apprenticeship?

“I initially enquired about the apprenticeship after Stephen Barker did a presentation at my college.  We had a casual conversation, and he explained the generic structure of the apprenticeship and all its benefits. I was invited into the office to have a chat with some other members of the engineering team and to have a look round. After this, I sent my CV and personal statement. I was then lucky enough to be invited back for an interview. During the interview I was asked some typical

questions and completed a maths test. Two weeks later I got the phone call to tell me that my application was successful, and I could start in September providing I got BBC in my a-levels.”

As I applied early, Stephen Barker, our Engineering Director, kept in contact with me during my time in college and I was given the opportunity to go into the office to shadow one of our Graduate Engineers, Mia Charnock. During this day, I got to experience what a day in the life of a Civil Engineer would be like.

On results day, I got the required grades, so I sent my results into MGF and started my apprenticeship six weeks later.”

Trainee Apprentice Engineer, Molly Barnes

Grace is a Trainee Apprentice Engineer at our Engineering Centre, answered, do apprentices get the same benefits as employees?

“Yes, at MGF apprentices get all the same benefits as every other employee. Furthermore, as an apprentice, I can confidently say that I am not treated differently than any other employee.

My work colleagues have been friendly, welcoming and inclusive and I have been made to feel part of the team.”

Trainee Apprentice Engineer, Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor

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