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Keeping our Drivers Safe in Summer!

Here at MGF, we offer a variety of ways to stay safe in transport during the summer!


When it comes to our Forklift Trucks in transport, we have a range of sizes for example 5, 10, 15 therefore we must ensure we do our inspections on the Fleet Checker app, both daily and weekly.

If any issues are spotted then we make sure to report them immediately, in the app and to the line manager as well.

When it comes to housekeeping, we ensure to keep the yard and depot tidy and windows on the vehicles are clear for good visibility, both of these will help to reduce the amount of avoidable incidents that could result in injury or loss of time.

We make sure the drivers are aware of exclusion radius and are being aware of other members in the yard. We use signals like thumbs up and maintaining eye contact in order to stay safe in the yard. In the warmer weather, we ensure that drivers wear sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times. We sometimes get them to wear a capped hat and tinted glasses too

When it comes to our vans, HGV’s, Arctics etc, we ensure they are clean and in amazing condition as well as fuelled up and inspected on Fleet Checker app. In the warmer weather, we make sure the drivers have their windows down and air conditioning on so they don’t overheat.

Doing all this is what allows us to keep safe during the summer when in transport and push our ideas on Summer Safety!

For more information, contact a member of our team!