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Kevin's dedication and excellence earns him a Level 3 Diploma after completing his Apprenticeship

Kevin Crane has successfully completed his Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology (Fabrication and Welding Technology) at New College Durham through a welding apprenticeship with MGF.

Kevin started his apprenticeship with us back in February 2018 and has now progressed to a full-time fabricator and welder and believes the skills he has gained throughout his apprenticeship are invaluable. He has developed skills such as strategic thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and performing engineering tasks.

Here is what he had to say:

“The thing I have enjoyed the most about my apprenticeship is gaining the confidence to carry out work independently and being trusted to deliver it to a professional standard. I have also supported other areas of the business and employees by travelling to other depots to train new recruits to learn internal methods.”

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Kevin has independently gone above and beyond for MGF since being introduced to the company at a college open day in January 2018, where his dreams of being a welder were solidified when he applied for an apprenticeship with MGF. In particular, his voluntary participation in a National Fabrication and Welding competition back in June 2019 with MGF’s full support showed his huge commitment to becoming the best welder he can be, being able to showcase his skills, and also how MGF encourages its employees to continuously develop and strive to be better.

The next step in his development is to continue gaining further qualifications that will allow Kevin to continue to perform at a high standard and become a fully qualified welder.

He also commented:

“MGF has been very supportive and encouraging and I would like to thank Ger Hallahan (Depot Foreman, Durham) and Cairns Gibson (Regional Manager, West Lothian and North East) for taking the time to help me obtain the skills needed to get me through my college work and complete my apprenticeship.”

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The apprenticeship route has been perfect for Kevin, and he would encourage others to consider applying for an apprenticeship themselves. Kevin would like to work more with apprentices and new MGF recruits in the future, ensuring they have the same experience he did.

Ger Hallahan, commented:

“Kevin has continually developed during his time at MGF, all of which has been spent whilst working towards obtaining his level 2 and now his level 3 apprenticeship. It has been enjoyable to see him develop into someone who now possesses a confidence that drives him to not only want to learn and develop himself more but also teach and help others.”

“When we look at the Kevin we took on in 2018 and compare him to the Kevin we have with us now, I think it is a great advertisement for anyone considering starting an apprenticeship. If you can find an apprenticeship you are interested in and find a company willing to provide you with a platform from which to develop, go for it! It is a great environment in which to learn and develop.”

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