Animation of an installed MGF 3500kN Hydraulic Strut

MGF Launch the 3500kN Hydraulic Strut

Following the successful launch of the T700 Brace, MGF’s latest addition to the fleet is the highest capacity, double acting fully hydraulic strut available to the market.

MGF have developed a 3500kN hydraulic strut to be combined with 600 and 1000 series components to brace either the 406UC Brace, T700 Brace or concrete structures and capping beams, whilst being compatible with existing ancillaries.

Being ideal for Major Projects, the 3500kN allows for greater prop loads, as well as larger centres between the props – providing the customer with a more economical solution. When used with 1000 Series Bracing Struts the system can maintain full 3500kN capacity at just under 40m.

With integrated prop load monitoring capabilities, each 3500kN hydraulic strut features; a pressure transducer, temperature sensor and linear displacement transducer so live strut load, compressibility and internal cylinder temperatures can be monitored by set trigger levels. The telemetric readings are then accessible by the user to assess the live load data.

MGF’s 3500kN strut is purely hydraulic and capable of holding an axial load of 3500kN with no mechanical screw locks meaning the system can maintain the full load without having to pre-load and then engage screws to lock in the load.